How To Use

Your Phone, Your Way.

Use it as a Grip

Use it as a Stand

Usage Instructions

Remove protective covering from the suction pads. (Carefully and enjoy!)

** Note ** 
Your UgoGrip comes with a protective film on the suction pads, and the thin protective film can be removed by dabbing the film with a piece of Scotch tape. Please also note the following instructions to prevent damaging the suction pads:

The suction pads are soft and delicate foam product and they have very strong stick strength against vertical or horizontal peeling force. As a result, when pulling off vertically or horizontally with brute force, there are cases that the foam might be split apart (=delamination). To prevent delamination, please detach slowly and carefully with a slight twist to initiate the separation from the edges. 

UgoGrip Comes With GripStrips®

uGoGrip Grip Strips (included in your pacakge) – Gives you a better grip!
If your phone or case is rough and your uGoGrip does not cling effectively, you can apply the GripStrip to your case to give you a better contact surface for your uGoGrip. Simply peel and stick to your case, and off you go!

Care Instructions

To Regenerate the suction pads on your uGoGrip, just moisten with water and clean lightly, and you are good to go!

You can wipe your uGoGrip with water to clean, you most likely will never need to use soap…. never use harsh detergents.