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What is the UgoGrip MicroSuction Smartphone Holder?

The UgoGrip MicroSuction Smartphone Holder is a patented, versatile stand and grip for smartphones. It uses advanced microsuction technology to enhance your mobile experience without leaving any residue on your device.

How does the microsuction technology work?

Microsuction technology uses thousands of microscopic air pockets to create a vacuum seal between the holder and your smartphone or case, providing a strong grip without messy adhesives.

Is the UgoGrip holder compatible with my phone?

Yes, the UgoGrip holder is compatible with virtually all smooth surface smartphones or cases. For non-smooth surfaces, you can use the included transparent and removable GripStrips to create a suitable surface.

Can I reuse the UgoGrip holder on different devices?

Absolutely! The UgoGrip holder is fully detachable and reusable, allowing you to switch it between devices as often as needed.

Will the holder leave a sticky residue on my phone?

No, the UgoGrip holder will not leave any residue. Its microsuction technology ensures a clean removal every time.

Is the UgoGrip holder safe to use with my phone?

Yes, the holder is very safe. It provides a secure hold, and the comfortable silicone strap prevents finger injuries, such as ring avulsion, that can be caused by metal ring holders.

How do I clean the microsuction pad?

Simply wipe the microsuction pad with clean water and let it dry. This will rejuvenate its suction power and ensure optimal performance.

Can I adjust the viewing angles with UgoGrip?

Yes, UgoGrip allows you to adjust your phone to multiple angles, providing a customized viewing experience for activities like video chatting, streaming, and reading.

Is UgoGrip portable?

Yes, UgoGrip is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry and use on the go. It's an ideal companion for travel, work, and home use.

How do I attach and detach the UgoGrip holder?

To attach, align the microsuction surface with your device and press firmly. To detach, gently peel off the holder from one corner. It will come off cleanly without leaving any residue.

Will UgoGrip damage my phone or case?

No, UgoGrip is designed to be safe for your phone and case. It does not use any adhesives that could damage your device.

What if the microsuction pad loses its stickiness?

If the microsuction pad loses its stickiness, simply clean it with water and let it dry. This will restore its suction capability.

Can I use UgoGrip while charging my phone?

Yes, UgoGrip is designed to accommodate charging cables, so you can charge your phone while using the holder.

Does UgoGrip work with phone cases?

Yes, UgoGrip works with most smooth surface phone cases. If your case is textured, you can use the included GripStrips to create a smooth surface for optimal adhesion.

Is UgoGrip environmentally friendly?

Yes, UgoGrip is made with sustainable materials and designed with responsible practices, making it a great choice for eco-conscious consumers.

Can UgoGrip be used for devices other than smartphones?

Yes, UgoGrip is versatile and can be used with small tablets, e-readers, and other similar devices.

How do I maintain my UgoGrip holder?

Regularly clean the microsuction pad with water to maintain its suction strength. Avoid exposing it to excessive heat and ensure it is dry before reattaching it to your device.