40% Off & Free Shipping On Orders Over $38 USD

40% Off & Free Shipping On Orders Over $38 USD

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We accept all major credit cards and payments made through PayPal. Payment must be made in full before shipment. With PayPal, customers can choose between paying or transferring money. PayPal is a secure and easy way to transfer and receive money online. When you select to check out PayPal as the payment method, you will be linked to the PayPal site where you can make payment. For more information, please visit the PayPal website.

We also accept After Pay payments, you have the stress free ability to pay in small amounts over a number of weeks or months depending on your purchase amount. This is a very safe and secure way to pay for items.

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Name: Suras Technology Inc.
Address: 1383 W. 8th Ave. Vancouver, BC, V6H 3W4, Canada.
Phone: +1-236-886-9499
Email: info@ugogrip.com